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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Think or Swim: On Demand

Sitting in my truck for a night time delivery...

Some things to report. For one, I recently discovered that if you log into the live account on Think or Swim they have an on demand feature that lets you go back and watch basically any trading day live as if you were there... That is freaking awesome. Why? Because now I can go back and see tick data to line up charts with Tim's alerts! I have all of his alerts and explanations of trades for a few years now, and I have the data to make precise charts of it as well!

Not only that, if I miss the open, I can trade the market open at work and still get my screen time in. It isn't the opportunity to trade the open for real on those days, but damn, it's the closest to actually being there to LEARN that I can get! It's like having access to Penny Stocking Silver for a few years. 

My subscription runs out this April, but I will have years of chats, watchlists and trade alerts/commentary archived by then.

I had some more to report, but that put me in such a positive mood that I am going to go watch some video lessons. My wife and I have been doing pretty good with trading by the way, at least as far as being disciplined and showing up most every day. I am proud of us for that, and my conviction grows each day that we are going to make it. It feels inevitable as long as we keep learning and keep showing up and honing our skills.